|Travel Edit Sample|

Have an upcoming trip, special occasion or just want to want to learn how to stop OVER-packing? This option is perfect for all clients who travel.

Are you are a frequent flier who wants to learn how to minimize or you rarely travel and when you do, you can't quite keep up with the ever-changing baggage restrictions or you have to travel with a large group i.e. family of 4 and in the midst of packing for them, you tend to forget yourself until the very last minute

Well, this option is perfect for all clients who travel.

We can discuss your needs and then I can help you pack either in person or virtually (yes that's still an option) and cut down your packing time as well as luggage weight through my quick trip editing system.



How does it work? Interested in this service, just email me and we can explore this information/styling option in greater detail.