Many times, we have clothing items that we cannot wear because we are unable to locate them amongst the clutter in our closet. By reducing the number of pieces in your closet that you have outgrown, is outdated, or is to longer suitable your style needs, you can create a sense of ease when dressing for different occasions.

With Closet Clutter and Chaos 101, I provide services to my clients where I reorganize their closet and reduce the number of pieces that are no longer of use. I then provide my clients with specific tips and techniques to ensure that they dress quickly, successfully and with looks that reflect their personal style.

Post sessions, clients feel not only more streamlined in the wardrobe but also their homes and minds are much clearer once we have cleaned and re-organized a very personal space.

If you think this is the service for you, please complete the inquiry form below and I look forward to working with you and don’t forget to check out our client reviews.