With a capsule wardrobe your closet can consist of a limited amount of pieces (depending on your personal style) that perfectly interplay with each other to create cohesive looks that are event specific of seasonal-based.

Be it clothing, accessories or shoes, I walk you through the process of choosing and retaining the items from your closet that match your style, advising you on how to construct a wardrobe around these core pieces.

This the perfect option for the working woman who is always on the go, yet desires to look polished while having limited time to do so. Additionally, this is the option for the woman looking to live a much more minimalistic lifestyle.

Post sessions, clients feel not only more streamlined in the wardrobe as they now have pieces that not only reflect their personal style but that they can pack or travel with, with ease.

If you think this is the service for you, please complete the inquiry form below and I look forward to working with you.