Le DeVeReaux Dossier

Soooo I have always had a passion for creative writing and chronicling life’s adventures combined with my some of my friends saying “get a diary“, others saying “write a book already” and family saying “I miss your blog“. I figured the best way to channel all of that was to re-launch my blog and entitle it none other than Le DeVeReaux Dossier, which is French for “The Devereaux Diary or File” (so take that friends that said get a diary- I DID…and its in the form of a freaking blog- YOU’RE WELCOME).

Sooo…Why the name? Well for those who don’t know, my middle name (yes government certified) is Devereaux, which is French and I am obsessed with all things French- heck I’m even learning French using Duolingo, but we will explore that later. And sooo why blog? Well hell cause clearly I ALWAYS-and I do mean ALWAYS have something to say and if I don’t then you should be worried (just ask Carlos- we will get to him later) or I’m just sleepy.

Sooo why now? Years ago, when in college- I wrote “The DeVeReaux Days of our Lives“- a blog built around faith, family, food, fashion, fitness and finding myself. So I guess in many ways a cliche “lifestyle” blog- although there is nothing cliche about me. In the beginning, I was extremely passionate about it and wrote about so many different things, and then life aka college and work came along and I was like F- you know the other F word (4 letters, rhymes with yuck) and nonetheless, I started slacking. We have all been there, you know when you find something you ACTUALLY enjoy or are passionate about, but time NEVER seems to be on your side. Well yeah, that’s how I was feeling, so “Days” came to a screeching halt. But the good news is- I’m back and so is the blog and my BIG MOUTH.

I also wanted to take the time to share more about me and what I truly feel and experience and focus less on writing for the audience and content’s sake (I mean you guys really do matter- no seriously you do) but I want to focus more on being transparent, exploring this journey I am on and sharing some of the fun and even fears I am having along the way.

Since the end of “DeVeReaux Days“, life has taken me on some rides, up and downs, emotional rollercoasters and one of those rides was a plane…..overseas…..8,124 miles away from home to be exact….to a land…a land of sand….far far away….in a desert called….Abu Dhabi which you will hear alot about on this journey.

Sooo what can you expect? The moral of this story is….(ain’t no moral- I just love how that sounds). No but seriously, I want this blog to allow people to see the world and my world through my eyes. I want an avenue to share my stories and adventures, dreams and aspirations, mistakes and mishaps in hopes that others feel inspired or if nothing else get a good laugh, even if its at my expense, because I truly believe “Laughter is good for the soul”. And (yes I will be breaking grammatical rules like starting sentences with “and”)…sooooo ANDDDD if you don’t like it or you are a grammar freak, then this isn’t the blog for you- because I’m flawed and I celebrate it.

I wanted to give you an opportunity to be apart of the journey as I re-branded and RE-LAUNCH “The House of DeVeReaux” in all its fashion realness and relish in every moment beginning to end, while of course ordering a piece or two or six.

Soooo to those reading this right now- I want to say thank you for your time, please come again and if you feel so moved, subscribe, leave a comment, ask a question and just share some love or even a laugh cause from what I have seen lately- the world could certainly use some!

Welcome to “Le DeVeReaux Dossier” the blog of the “House of DeVeReaux” where we hope you stay awhile!!!

Au Revoir (Duolingo taught me that-not really but really),