Soooo...I didn't make a seat at the table- I created my own!

Soooo...I didn't make a seat at the table- I created my own!

Soooooo its definitely been a while since we have caught up and boy do I have a lot to share.

So where to begin, outside of the fact that we are still in the middle of a ponderosa- I mean a pandemic. But there are glimmers of hope happening all around, as vaccinations are being administered and mandates are remaining in place for the most part in most places *cough cough* umm hello USA are you listening?

Nonetheless- as the year 2021 began, many of us were optimistic that a change was on the horizon and that our lives could begin to return to some assemblance of "normal"- whatever "normal" is right? And so instead of focusing on all the things that I could classify as wrong- I decided to fuel that energy into the things I could control. You know- the things going right and that is when opportunity came knocking on more door or more like calling my phone in the coolest of ways in the form of "Amateur Chef".

So before I get into how this happened- you're probably asking what is Amateur Chef? When did you start cooking? Heck can you even cook? And what CAN'T you do? I know. I know I am pretty awesome right!

The best way to explain Amateur Chef is that it's an initiative created by the people of the uber luxury private island resort known as Zaya Nurai, located off the island of Abu Dhabi. I mean this is where all the celebrities stay when they visit the Emirates- that's how luxe we are talking.


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