Sooo....35 at Zaya Nurai!

Sooo....35 at Zaya Nurai!

Listen, if this last year and a half (heck these last 2 months for me) hasn't taught us anything else, it has certainly made clear that we must live life to the absolute fullest. Now yeah yeah yeah I know what you're thinking- "that is such a cliche" or "everyone says that". However this has never been more true for me than has been now especially with 35 approaching.

And this year, we decided to kick off my birthday in style, with a special thanks to the staff of Zaya Nurai (pronounced Za-I-uh Nu-ra-I) for an incredible stay.

Now if you have kept up with my minimal adventures this first half of 2021, then you would note that back in March, I was the featured "Amateur Chef" for their Annual Women's Month celebration. Check out that recap here!

 And one of the beautiful blessings that came from that experience was not only the incredible people I got to meet and the awesomely unique event that I was able to host, but the gift of a complimentary stay in one of their lavishly luxurious Beach Side Villas located on this peaceful private island.


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