Soooo.....I believe in Yves (YSL)!

Soooo.....I believe in Yves (YSL)!

It's no secret that I have a love and fire that burns eternally for French designer Yves Saint Laurent and while there were tons and tons of museums to see while in Paris- many that I plan to return and visit, I must say that for my first time in France- the Yves Saint Laurent Museum ala Musee Yves Saint Laurent Paris was a must see and I am glad that I didn't miss this one.

It was purely magical- so let's get into why! First, let me say this day started off great with plenty of rest and an afternoon in Montmartre- you can check out the recap of that visit in "Sooo France was life" which will drop soon but now let's focus on the life and times of the legendary YSL.


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