Soooo... France was Life (Part 1)

Soooo... France was Life (Part 1)

So life has been busy non-stop since we returned from France- but don't think for one second I wasn't going to take the time to fill you in on allllll of its fabulousness.

Look I don't even know where to begin, all I can say is our two and half week European vacation was EVERYTHING I could think of....dream for and more. I gave you the run down on Amsterdam and all its awesomeness, but France-oh France was a whole other fantastical- yes I made that word fantastical monster.

Let's just begin at the beginning shall we. We opted to take the train from Amsterdam to Paris which was about a 6 hour ride and well worth the adventure. I had only been on a train once before in Italy and so this experience alone was not only note-worthy but inexpensive as well. We paid around 99 Euros for a round trip ticket each which was much less expensive than a flight and less taxing with regards to airport security measures.


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