Sooo... We're throwing a Soiree!

Sooo... We're throwing a Soiree!

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YEP- that's right. And you HAVE to be there. Did I mention you have to be there, because you HAVE to be there! My first baby- Bridges to Borders along with some pretty fabulous friends in business are hosting a magical market of sorts. Why do I say of sorts? Well, because its not your regular schmegular degular market. Oh no- anything we touch turns to some serious shiny and shimmery gold, or at least I like to think that is does. Anyhow, this came to me recently. I mean very recently. As in less than two months ago recently. And so I literally hit the ground running.

I mean I didn't even let the jetlag wear completely off. And because of that- I declare that it will be AMAZING! Ok ok so what is this soiree? And how did it come about? Back in October, I was away in Abu Dhabi and preparing to come home for my Mom's birthday. Didn't know when I would return and so the hubby thought it best to be forward thinking and bring the business along with me, so I did. Yes I packed up the majority of my life and brought it along for the ride. While preparing for the trip, I decided to apply to a few holiday markets in November. You know maximize at least my time leading up to Thanksgiving before I returned to the UAE. So I thought! But then it happened- submitted first application- REJECTED. Submitted second application- DENIED.

Not gonna lie- that hit me kinda hard in the self confidence department and it got me to thinking, why don't they like me? I like me. I think I'm pretty cool but oh well, guess it just wasn't for me. Then Carlos hit me with the "you're just not what they are looking for babe- but that's not a reflection of you or our business. We didn't build this for everyone- we built it for people who get it and not everyone is gonna get it. I'm gonna let you be upset for a bit and then I want you to keep on moving because knowing you- you're gonna come up with some lavish, crazy and out there idea that will work just as well if not better".

Gosh I love that man. Did I mention that I love that man? Cause I love that man. TODAY. In this moment. Right now. But ask me tomorrow and it might change. Just kidding. So I took the lickin and kept on tickin as they say. Anyhow as usual, I digress. But he was right. He was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY RIGHT! I wanted to do something different. Because I'm different. And I wanted to include my girls, because let's be honest, you are only as awesome as your circle and my circle is pretty damn cool, and smart and funny and talented....just like me and I wanted the world to see them how I see them. Even if its a tiny piece of the world. So I found myself on the flight home planning and dreaming what I wanted to be the grandest and most ultimate (is that a thing? well I'm making it a thing) holiday market you'd ever seen, and then it came to me......

"There would be cocktails and conversations over new collections

as we twirled our tresses and danced in cute dresses.

Instas and snapchats while all the guests sing- "These are a few of my favorite things

When my confidence sucks

when my orders stall

when I'm feeling sad

I simply just think of my Soiree and things and then I don't feel soooooo bad"

So yes if you've been following me or you know me- I will break out in a random song or movie quote in a heartbeat. Shout out to the Sound of Music and the incomparable Julie Andrews. Anyhow, you HAVE to join us. This will be a party where you socialize, sip on mocktails or cocktails- whichever you fancy, savor some light bites and sweets and shop some of my favorite things from some of my favorite local area ladies in business in our own Winter Wonderland. If you wanna network- this is for you. If you wanna sip- this is for you.

If you wanna meet pretty girls- FELLAS this is even for you too. If you want to buy your mama, sister, cousin, friend, neighbor, coworker, dog groomer, kid's kindergarten teacher, mailman, doula, hell even your ex-girlfriend a gift to win her back. WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED! We have every category from beauty to jewelry to fashion to food to travel to art and are oh so ready to share it with you. And you have to dress FABULOUS! This is not a drill! I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I'm talking sequins on STEROIDS people! I'm talking the shinier, the more shimmer- the better. And the even BIGGER deal is that we doing so in support of the Posada Esperanza House of Casa Marianella.

The amazing place supports displaced women and children who are typically victims of domestic violence and other issues that life throws at us and just need a helping hand. We can all relate to needing help at some point in our lives as many of us are wives, mothers, sisters, workers and dreamers and just want a better life and can be one bad mistake away from needing the support of places like these, so I wanted to be a blessing to them in this season of giving. Sooooo entry to the Soiree is FREE with the donation of a NEW yes NEW women's or baby's item (don't bring them anything you would not want) including but not limited to diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies or hygiene products or you can select an item from their AMAZON WISHLIST.

Without a donation- entry is $5. But please bring something- it's the holidays everyone and you know firsthand how it feels to receive something nice! Additionally, there will be raffle entries AND COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAILS for the FIRST 25 guests- called the "Fab and Frosty" as well as "the Apple Cider Old Fashioned" for those who like a spin on a classic. Why because I'm extra- so I couldn't just do a simple cocktail. So why not come out on Friday, December 14th from 6pm-10pm at the Hilton Garden Inn- Austin North, located at 12400 N IH 35, Austin, Texas, 78753

Featured Vendors include:

Black Butterfly Bath & Body Bridges To Borders Devereaux Iridescent Reverie Mauve Paper Co. Monee Elizabeth Oh Tiff! StaceFace Beauty Suga's Cakery

And for more details or to RSVP you can email Oh Oh Oh and before I forget- you will get a preview of the newest collection from


That's right- I am so excited for you all to see my first batch of designer samples that I hope you love as much as I do, slated for pre-orders and new website launch set for January 2019. I'm talking EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT FABULOUSNESS! Just another reason to be there. #SEEYOUATTHESOIREE

Au Revoir my wittle reindeer friends,

XOXO, Devereaux


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