Sooo....there's this "Wander"ful Brunch!

Sooo....there's this "Wander"ful Brunch!


So it's no secret that I love brunch. Did I mention that I love brunch? Because, I really love brunch. And the only person who quite possibly loves to brunch more than me is babe. So just a little back story. Carlos and I met on a Saturday night- Cinco De Mayo weekend and our first date was immediately the following Sunday. What can I say- I'm just that awesome. Anyhow, I knew it was love because he asked me to meet him where? You guessed it- at brunch. Ok ok ok, it wasn't quite love- more like "oh he's cute AND he likes to brunch AND he smells nice", but you get the idea. I was definitely more in love with food and bottomless mimosas at the time. Fast forward 5 years and whole other country later and here we are. We have found the place in which our hearts and bellies love. The land of every brunch-lovin lush's dream, the UAE. Now let me tell you that you have not brunched until you have been to a brunch in Abu Dhabi or in this case, Dubai.

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