Sooo...The House is now on YOUTUBE!

Sooo...The House is now on YOUTUBE!

Soooo in a time when creating digital content is KING or in my case QUEEN, I decided to do a thing, and the House of Devereaux is now on YOUTUBE.

During the start of quarantine in March 2020, I wanted a creative way to showcase the pieces from both collections, but also give insight to followers and clients about my design process and the inspiration behind the pieces. While social media is useful and blogging has been albeit effective- I felt like it was high time people got to also know more about me- the beauty *flips hair* behind the brand.

So I took to IGTV- again that's short for Instagram TV for those unfamiliar and began to roll out a different video every few weeks showcasing a muse and giving her a moment of glory. And while I garnered much more attention, I realized that there was still a lost segment of followers and people who may not A) have Instagram B) have it but aren't aware of how to access the IGTV feature or C) aren't lovers of mass social media platforms, but still desired a front row seat to all the fashion greatness I'm giving and so the House of Devereaux Youtube Channel was born.

But don't worry- if you are an Insta follower, you can still check out select videos on my IGTV, just know that most new content will now be on YOUTUBE!

On the channel, you can expect uploads of all the collection pieces in a Series called- House of Devereaux Presents, but also gain glimpses into my travel adventures and check out my "how to style" videos providing 3 ways to wear your favorite custom Devereaux blazer. These are just a few of many ideas that will be coming your way.

But first- we will be wrapping up the Alpha Collection series at the end of the month with a very special edition of House of Devereaux presents featuring the "Dominique" suit which is not yet released to the site and the "Devereaux" blazer. So I suggest subscribing TODAY!

Be the first to get a glimpse at the "Dominique" when she drops later this month as well as catch up on all the past and current videos.

How To Subscribe

Click any of the links here on the page or search "House of Devereaux on Youtube" and I pop up immediately then click the red SUBSCRIBE button

And VOILA- now you have access to all the House of Devereaux awesomeness.

Don't forget to comment, like by clicking the thumbs and down icons and share as well your favorite fashion content. I have enjoyed the journey thus far and can't wait to bring you more and show you what the House 2021 has in store!

Ciao For Now,


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