Sooo....Meet the Beauties of BETA

Sooo....Meet the Beauties of BETA

Sooo....I know its been awhile and the world is a whirlwind but the time has come to introduce you all to my muses for the BETA COLLECTION. And what better time then March as Women's History Month comes to a close. Like the Alpha collection, when it came to BETA, I was intentional about creating for women who meant something to me and this jaunting journey has been more than worth it.

It is incredible to say that I have completed my second collection in under two years as a designer. Each piece has brought me so much joy and afforded me the opportunity to really hone into my own aesthetic and establish a lane all my own.

While I would coin myself as an ALPHA- I would describe the BETA "beauty" or muse as every woman and I believe we all possess an ALPHA and BETA side to our personality dependent upon situation and circumstance. The question stands which side is more dominant in your personality and how does it show up in your life. By Devereaux definition- Alpha women are seen as strong, independent, self-aware and driven but their dichotomous lifestyle as a "Beta" is also represented throughout their daily lives, creating a sense of duality. The Beta appears softer or reserved and she may appear to be more demure than her ALPHA counterpart. But in the land of Devereaux- all of these women, whether ALPHA or BETA are bosses.

The muses of my collections are not only powerful in their careers on the silver screen and throughout pop culture but are also women who I know personally like my sisters, mother,  grandmother as well as friends and they serve as "my why". Famous or not- they are the everyday woman making decisions and taking chances in order to create a better life for themselves and those they love.

So without further adieu- I present my Beta Beauties.

First up is Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, fondly and famously known as Jackie Kennedy to some and Jackie O to others. A fashion icon to say the least, what I loved and respected about Miss Jacqueline is that she carved out a career for herself. Whether she knew it or not, she was more than just a First Lady and mother, she was a woman of iconic style and grace with a presence close to perfection.


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