Sooo....Make Way for DIFC Runway

Sooo....Make Way for DIFC Runway

Since living overseas, I have found myself becoming engulfed in the local fashion scene in an attempt to not only network but navigate the international waters while working on my design brand.

There's been the likes of Fashion Forward and Arab Fashion Week with all their quirks and qualms that have collectively brought creatives together into spaces to preview amazing collections from designers both local and abroad as well as offered seminars surrounding the growth of fashion retail business in today's economical climate. However, I believe that they now must make way for DIFC Runway.

Now disclaimer- I am unsure if this showcase will be a continual effort ran by the Dubai International Financial Centre or was just a flash in the pan focused on shining a bright spotlight specifically on their community of featured brands - but I will say that if not, I definitely feel its's worth a try to continue producing shows of this caliber, because the creative minds behind this well-curated evening definitely deserve a round of applause and let me explain why.


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