Sooo.... I'm in Love with the Louvre

Sooo.... I'm in Love with the Louvre

So we all know that I am fan of French culture- I mean that's pretty much a given at this point right? So it was no surprise that I was over the moon, stars and all the galaxies when I learned that Abu Dhabi had commissioned only the second Louvre Museum in the world. The first of course being the famous "Musee de Louvre" in Paris which dates all the way back to 1793. I have always had a love for art, fashion, color and creative expression and have found some of my best inspiration has come from visits to museums.

So when the Abu Dhabi location opened its doors in early November 2017- I just had to be there, even if it was over a year later. Blame Carlos- he kept whining like a big baby about how I couldn't go without him- and believe you and me, had I not waited for him, I would have been at the Grand Opening for sure. LOVE YA' BABE. But he made it up to me by spending an afternoon amongst the some of the most cultured and legendary artists from around the world. 20180822_112158.jpg 


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