Sooo...Happy New Year 2019

Sooo...Happy New Year 2019

So yes I know it's way past January 1st. And no I don't care- because well it wouldn't be real if I wasn't fashionably late with this blog post right? In my defense, I've spent the last few days recuperating from a hell of an awesome NYE and not to mention my amazingly cute little mother in law just left from visiting so needless to say the last 4 days have been a blur. But I just had to stop and welcome you all into 2019 and share some awesomeness. Ok so for those who may have read this on FB aka Facebook already- oh well.....go with know you want to. (It was the Cliff's Notes version anyway) So go with me on this.

Yes it's long. 2018 was a challenge both professionally and personally. My health- physical and mental was in a tailspin and I was doing my best to keep it all together DAILY and I mean DAILY. But I have always said "I have bad days NOT a bad life". On NYE, the final night of 2018- Carlos and I decided to travel to our FAVORITE yea I said FAVORITE city of Dallas to have a good ole Dallas time and more importantly reunite with some close friends. I mean Dallas during Christmas time, especially downtown is pure magic. a52093351820c4b5d17a257255808e85  


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