Sooo... Don't MAX with Texas

Sooo... Don't MAX with Texas

So before you start reading, no this is not a PSA about the great state. Wait who am I kidding yes it is. Because on the 8th day- God made Texas, Book of Gexodus 7:11- the greatest state in the U.S. (yes I'm biased),  and today, I want to thank the Good Lawd for the beautiful soul that is B! Now, no I don't mean Beyonce. She's a given. I mean King Bey- none other than designer extraordinaire- Brandon Maxwell.

So let's rewind and let me give you the sweet southern tea on this man. From Longview Texas, Brandon Maxwell has done more than paid his fashion industry dues. In the few years I have been following him (he's been a big deal way longer than that), he continues to amaze me, because he just gets it- all of it. I would fashion him a younger Carolina Herrera or even Ralph Lauren with how well he structures his garments, but honestly, he is in a fresher and fiercer league all his own.

On this past Saturday night, he showcased his Spring/Summer 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week. Now, I have been counting down the days to this collection like a little kid on Christmas. Could it be the excitement he gave me with his almost 30 minute documentary "Back to Dust"-probably?


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