Sooo....Day 70 of Quarantine

Soooo.... I think its safe to say life as we know it has changed. Had you told me that at the top of 2020 we would be where we are now, I can't say that I would have believed you. However, this time in quarantine has brought about some weird but much needed emotions that I would like to share.

TBH that's to be honest for my non-short hand folks- which defeats the purpose of short handing it to began with. See, see there, see what life has become, a never ending explanation of nonsense.

Ok where was I? Ah yes, my emotions. So I like everyone else across the world had a swirl of BIG ideas and 2020 was set to be the year. I mean Carlos and I brought it in with a bang. I'm talking big fireworks and an amazing NYE celebration and I even wore "Josephine".


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