Sooo...I died & went to Dior

Ok so it's no secret that I have a knack for the dramatics especially when it comes to fashion and as we prepare for the trip of a lifetime to France- it was only right that I bring you my review of the latest esoteric exhibition to hit my second favorite city in the world- (next to Paris of course)- Dallas, Texas and that is Dior: From Paris to the Worldhosted by the Dallas Museum of Art.

Soooo first, let me give a quick little back story before we get into the gag-worthy greatness that was all this gorgeousness of haute-couture happiness. A few months ago- a mentor of mines and legend of the lingerie scene, Megan Summerville mentioned attending the installment of this very exhibition in Denver, Colorado where she re-located. She spoke to how emotive everything about this exhibit was- so much so that I knew it was a MUST SEE. One small problem though- I reside 8,124 miles away from any museum that was hosting a showing and so I knew it would only happen in my dreams. But as the saying goes- "a girl can dream can't she" and dreams become reality every single day and as I say-


So fast forward to this month when I was home in the great State of Texas, I decided to pay a trip to see my girls in Dallas. While having a much needed meeting of the minds with my extra good gal-pal and fellow "shentrepreneur"- Mel of Mauve Paper Co. (yeah check her out she is HELLA dope) she mentioned that not only had she scored tickets to Elaine Welteroth's talk (another dope leading lady) at the DMOA with my fashion husband in my head- Brandon Maxwell, but that she caught word of the talk while attending the Dior exhibit.

I GASPED- I mean AUDIBLY GASPED! See told you I had a knack for the dramatics, because this all sounded too good to be true, but it was VERY much true. Was this really happening? Was the exhibit in town at the same time of my 48 hour turnaround trip? Was this God? Was this Oprah? Was this Tom Cruise? Not quite- but it certainly was sweet Baby Jesus sitting on a throne. I totally thought the exhibition would arrive a day after I left Texas but low and behold- it had been in town since May.

So I decided to MAKE the time to get downtown and witness this in all its glory. I mean if you follow me- its no secret my obsession with all things French and especially Parisian style and fashion.

OK OK OK- enough of the drama in words- let's get into the Wonderful World of Dior through some imagery.

Sidenote- DO NOT take a backpack! I took a cute little mini backpack and they made me carry it in my hands for fear of people knocking over these priceless pieces. However, I respected the fashion and refused to raise a fuss. Also, they do provide you with a booklet that breaks down the exhibit part by part which came in very handy.

When you first walk in, you enter what I call the "Dior En Noir" Collection- a showcase of all these amazingly iconic pieces including the famed "New Look" style that Dior is known for created all in black and placed stunningly against a red backdrop. Oh but it was only the beginning.

You then enter "Dior En Blanc" which were additional pieces all suspended in the air like floating clouds of couture fashion waiting to be worn by angels. Check out the video.


Dior En Blanc Collection

"Dior En Blanc" rested in the center of what I called "Dior Over the Years" as it held curated collections from the creative directors the brand spanning decades including Yves Saint Laurent to Raf Simons and back to Christian Dior himself- showcasing how each of their aesthetics where auspiciously Dior while managing to make their own splash on the brand.

This area highlighted his use of handmade embroidery and showcased some of his as well as other Creative Directors such as Yves Saint Laurent's early croquis designs.


Check out some the couture pieces from each creative director of Dior below.


GianFranco Ferre for Dior


From 1989-1996

Take a closer look at some of my favorite pieces up close and personal.A GianFranco Ferre OriginalEvery wall was covered with authentic memoriabilia from the man himself and his successors, and every corner was scintillating with something I had never seen before and every designer made a name for themselves in their own way while at Dior

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