Growing up, Dominique DeVeReaux was your typical girly girl who loved playing in her mother’s makeup and when the infamous Annual Scholastic School Book Fair rolled around she always scrounged up enough coins and courage to ask her Mother to buy Paper Doll books when she wasn’t playing with her collection of Barbie Dolls. At this young age, she had a cliche “passion for fashion” and putting fabulous things together. Fashion allowed her to feel like you could be any woman from any world you wanted to be.

This was harnessed by her late heavenly laden grandmother, Josephine “Suga” Bedford, who taught her to take pride in her appearance and to show up in the world how she wished to be treated and followed her into high school where she was known for wearing her “own” clothes.

She has immense experience in many facets of the industry from manufacturing to retail store management, fashion show production to fashion styling/design, while holding both a B.A and M.S. in Fashion Merchandising. This knowledge has fostered into the creation of her bold and elegantly eponymous brand- DeVeReaux and the home that houses it in all it’s “haute”ness and glory hence “House of DeVeReaux”.

Here at the “House” not only can you get your hands on custom made DeVeReaux pieces from our premiere- ALPHA COLLECTION which made from amazing fabrics but we also place great emphasis on detail cause let’s face it #itsallinthedetails. You can also request styling services with “Style By DeVeReaux” and follow me on my fashion adventures with “Le DeVeReaux Dossier”

So Welcome Home.  Hope you enjoy your stay!


Dominique of the House DeVeReaux, Second Of Her Name (shout out to Diahann Carroll- the originator.), the Unbreakable, Queen of the Slay and the First of her Kind, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of All Things Fabulous

P.S. I kinda sorta have a thing for Game of Thrones #GOT